A More Environmentally Friendly Way To Fuel Your Car

There are many people who are fed up with the rising gasoline prices but feel unable to do anything about it. A good number of people are nowadays paying for fuel-efficient cars to help cut down on the amount of money spent on fuel. It was just recently that gasoline prices started to climb around the world. We’ll focus on what choices we have for gas.

Fuel that is something other than gasoline or diesel is considered alternative fuel. You have a choice of vehicles that can run on solar energy, electric power or a combination of electricity and gas. These days there are even vehicles that run on water-to-gas technology, which means they are able to supplement their gas by using water. There have been many reasons why governments and auto manufacturers have taken the initiative to create vehicles that use fuel other than fossil fuels. Fuel taxes and stricter environmental laws in Europe pushed car manufacturers to make alternative fuel cars. There might even be additional restrictions on the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Since fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide, and that is a greenhouse gas, and most vehicles run on fossil fuel gas, our atmosphere is becoming worse. Because of this, we are having global warming at a monumental scale. You may not even know that there are autos that are running on hydrogen, fuel cells, solar energy, LPG, and ethyl alcohol. A lot of autos that are running on LPG, which stands for liquified petroleum gas, run on a mixture of butane and propane also. When it is compressed, its hydrocarbon gases turn to liquid. This fuel not just provides cleaner emissions but it lowers fuel expenses too.

Automobiles that have solar panels, either convert the energy from the sun to electric energy or use it to produce hydrogen. The solar panels are set up on the roof of the autos. Other cars make use of ethanol, which comes from plants. Plants that are high in carbohydrates or sugar are fermented to produce alcohol. In Brazil, they have been able to replace no less than 200,000 barrels of crude oil each day with ethanol fuel based on sugar cane. Ethanol powered autos contributed to a 30% decrease in poisonous emissions in that country. There is one more type of auto that uses fuel cells, which create electricity and heat out of hydrogen and oxygen. These type of cars are the best to run, because they only emit water vapor and heat.

Hybrid autos, such as the Toyota Prius, use a couple of different sources of energy. An electrical motor and small gasoline-powered engine combined creates great results. Each component is used differently according to driving situation. Traveling at state highway speeds, both are being used and the battery is being charged at that time too. Finding alternative energy sources is essential in solving our environmental and economic problems.